About Us

Governance & Funding

The GAPS governance structure is evolving and a plan to widen the Executive Committee’s composition and to develop the GAPS Network, including a global GAPS Forum and GAPS Regional Forums to ensure the GAPS Network becomes broadly inclusive of the global access community, is currently under development. Network membership will be open to organizations and individuals who adhere to GAPS values and goals, including country, state/regional and city access networks, education institutions and systems, access programs and practitioners, students and student organizations, policymakers, governments, employers, community-based organizations and NGOs, foundations, the research community and others whose missions are aligned with the GAPS agenda.

Early funding for the GAPS Initiative has been provided by the Lumina Foundation, with significant financial and/or in-kind contributions made by COE, ETS, EAN – including ECHO and NEON, IAU and others who have volunteered their time and efforts.

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