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Past Members of the Executive Committee

Dr. Graeme Atherton

Dr. Graeme Atherton (Chair of the Executive Committee, 2013-2016)

Dr. Graeme Atherton has been working in the field of access to post-secondary education. Based in London, he is the founder and Head of AccessHE which is a network of over 200 organisations working on extending access to higher education. He is also the founder and Director of NEON (National Education Opportunities in Education), which is the professional organisation for access to higher education in England. He is also a Visiting Professor at both London Metropolitan University and Amity Business School, London and has produced over 120 publications and conference papers.


Prof. Dr. Glenda Crossling (Representative for the GAPS Kuala Lumpur Conference, 2014-2015)

Professor Glenda Crosling has wide international experience in higher education. Currently, as Dean of Quality at Sunway University in Malaysia, she focusses on educational quality and enhancement. Previously, she was Director of Education Quality and Innovation at the Malaysian branch campus of Monash University Australia. Throughout her career, she has been committed to the values of higher education access, equity and widening participation as she has worked with academic staff, students and the curriculum in educational development.Professor Crosling’s research is extensive and published in international refereed journals, books and book chapters. She serves on international editorial boards and regularly reviews articles for top level journals.


Prof. Emer. Stuart Billingham (Chair of the Executive Committee, 2011-2013)

Stuart Billingham has worked in the higher education sector for more than 35 years focusing particularly on widening access and lifelong learning. He retired from his last full-time position, as Pro Vice Chancellor (External Engagement) at York St John University, in 2010. Before that, he held academic and change management positions at the universities of Central Lancashire and Northumbria, each with a focus on widening participation through community engagement. He was an initiator of the World Congress on Access to Postsecondary Education (now GAPS Initiative). He has an extensive list of contributions to national and international conferences, and publications, on widening participation and continues to publish around this theme.


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