Action & Advocacy

Empowering students and young people

Students and Young People are not only the future for the access movement, but also a source of creative thinking, lobbyists for change and role models for other young people and potential students.

Students and Youth Ambassadors

During 2012-2013 we appointed ‘Student and Youth Ambassadors’ in  many regions of the world. These Ambassadors worked in their local region to create interest and enthusiasm for the work of the congress, encourage participation in activities and events and to enable participation by raising funds and securing sponsorship. They also organised local events or projects.

World Congress Scholars

Our ‘World Congress Scholar’ program supported a small number of students and young people from around the world to carry out research projects on access issues in their local region.

Award recipients for 2012-2013 presented their projects during the Montreal 2013 Congress.

To learn more about our scholars and their projects, please watch the following two videos:

Empowering students and young people via GAPS

GAPS will place students and young people at the centre of what we do. We will focus on engaging individual students and young people but also on the organisations that work with them.

The sustainability of the work of GAPS is dependent on empowering students and young people to lead the access movement.

Through our Students and Young People work we will:

  • Enable students and young people to be active participants at Kuala Lumpur 2015
  • Create a virtual community to share experiences and best practice
  • Develop a global network of students unions and other student/young people organizations
  • Establish an ‘Ambassador Award’ which awards those students/young people or their organizations who showed a strong commitment towards access
  • Integration of young post-graduates and PhD students in the research activities of GAPS
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