Action & Advocacy

Making excellence inclusive

Many universities grapple with lower retention and higher dropout rates among especially underrepresented and international students. The gaps between these students and other students either persist or have widened over the years, despite multiple interventions. focusing on the domain of ‘teaching and learning’ and on engaging both policy makers and teachers in improving the successful participation of underrepresented and international students in higher education is, in fact, key. Lower retention and higher dropout rates among these groups are often a result of a profound lack of belonging to their respective higher education institution.

GAPS will build on the Inclusive Excellence framework, a tested and widely implemented approach founded upon innovative, inclusive, student-centered and critical pedagogies and policies.

A brief introduction of the ideas behindĀ  Inclusive Excellence is available here and for more detailed information please have a look in our online library.

We will be announcing details of how the program will develop soon.


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