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The GAPS Series

GAPS will work to engage and support the development of the access community across the world via a series of innovative and interactive events in different continents.The GAPS event series will bring together the work of GAPS and advance access to post-secondary education work across the world. It will challenge existing thinking in the field and engage organisations and individuals from across sectors in this agenda.

Montreal 2013

In October 2013 the 1st World Congress on Access to Post-secondary Education was held in Montreal. 229 people from 34 countries around the world came together to explore the challenges associated with widening access to post-secondary education and lay the foundations for the new global social movement. The Congress addressed 7 main areas:

  • Financing Educational Opportunities
  • Learning Labs: linking social and economic development access strategies in cities and regions
  • Working Lives: Issues and ideas in adult and vocational education
  • Students as Change Agents in Post-secondary Education
  • Indigenous People and Access to Post-secondary Education
  • Re-thinking Access: De-constructing traditional assumptions about higher learning systems and the implications for access policies and programs
  • Teaching and Learning for success and inclusion at the post-secondary level

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Kuala Lumpur 2015

In October 2015 the 1st Regional Forum on Access to Post-secondary Education was held in Kuala Lumpur. 168 people from 29 countries discussed the issue of ‘meeting the global challenge of building equitable knowledge economies’. The event addressed 6 challenging questions:

  • Why does access to postsecondary education matter in Asia and South Pacific?
  • How do you combine excellence and equity in postsecondary education?
  • Who is responsible for greater equity in postsecondary education in Asia and the Pacific?
  • What is the Future of Higher Education?
  • Access & Equity – How do we build a global knowledge base?
  • Closing the GAPS: What does a global equity agenda look like?

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São Paulo 2017


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