The GAPS Series

Campinas 2017

No one educates anyone else nor do we educate ourselves, we educate one another in communion in the context of living in this world.
Paulo Freire

Last year GAPS has learned a great deal about your interest, your support and the topics that are important to you. Therefore we have refined GAPS priority areas to 3 foci:

  • Student preparation for, access to, enrollment in and completion of postsecondary education,
  • Inclusive Education, and
  • Global Learning.

Taken together these three areas lead GAPS to foster

Preparing learners for, access to, enrollment in and completion of quality post-secondary education at institutions that value and engage fully in inclusive education and global learning and social responsibility.

Our learning continues and has led us to organize an invitational Learning and Connecting Symposium. We are delighted the University of Campinas UNICAMP is co-convening this symposium with us on their campus from 9 to 10 November 2017.
This symposium will enable us to link with a smaller group of experts and practitioners (approximately 40-60):

  • to better understand how these three areas are understood and interpreted in various contexts and world regions, including in Latin America and
  • to collectively chart a path for future development for GAPS.

The Symposium will thus be highly interactive, seeking to bring together firm GAPS supporters with new partners.
If you are interested in joining us in Brazil please contact

More information on the GAPS Learning and Connecting Symposium:

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