Call for papers

2. How do you combine equity and excellence?

Affordable post-secondary education that can provide positive social outcomes for all learners is perhaps the biggest challenge for extending access to post-secondary education across the world. This strand will address the following questions:

  • How can post-secondary education institutions combine excellence with a commitment to equity?
  • What are the implications for pedagogy, curricula and how knowledge is constructed of achieving excellence for students from marginalised groups in different societies?
  • How can better teaching and learning prevent ‘student drop out’?
  • What does ‘excellence’ in higher education mean? How is it enhanced by extending access and increasing student diversity?
  • How do university rankings in promoting/diminishing the equity agenda?
  • What are universities doing in an innovative way to support students from under-represented groups to achieve in post-secondary education?
  • How is data and evidence being used to shape practice in the field of access and equity work?
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