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The GAPS Initiative

What is the Global Access to Post-Secondary Education (GAPS) Initiative?

Nowhere in the world should participation in post-secondary education be differentiated by social background.


In October 2013 the first World Congress on Access to Postsecondary Education was held in Montreal. Almost 250 people from nearly 40 countries around the world came together to explore the challenges associated with widening access to postsecondary education and lay the foundations for a new global social movement.


The first World Congress was initiated and led by the European Access Network (EAN) with the support of the Lumina Foundation and Educational Testing Services (ETS). The aim of the first World Congress was to launch a movement that could bring together those from across all sectors to meet the challenge of extending access to post-secondary initiative.


The Global Access to Post-Secondary (GAPS) Initiative will build the global case for increasing access to post-secondary education for those from all social backgrounds, exchange knowledge and practice across countries to improve our understanding of how to meet the access challenge and advocate to policymakers and senior leaders across all sectors.


It is supported and delivered by a consortium of organisations committed to extending access to post-secondary education working through the European Access Network.

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