GAPS Kuala Lumpur Conference in the News

Earlier this month, the Global Access to Post-Secondary Education Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur at Sunway University. With 168 in attendance over the three-day event from 29 countries, the programme featured senior figures from the Malaysian government, UNESCO Asia Pacific and the World Bank Asia-Pacific, with keynote speakers from 8 different countries including Malaysia, Korea, Pakistan, India and Brazil.
The sessions covered a wide range of topics and included employers and senior HE leaders. The emerging issues reflected the Asian context but also the engagement of those from the HE, NGO, private sectors and policymakers. They included:
  • Challenges with expanding HE in Asia which included whether government or public sector would drive such expansion
  • Appropriate goals and values to orient expansion
  • Student funding and finance models in Asia and beyond
  • How to better understand who participates in HE globally
  • The new UNESCO Global Goals and their relationship to HE
  • Graduate unemployment and employability in Asia and how HE can/should respond here
  • The contribution of trans-national providers to access in Asia.
The event drew media coverage both local and international (see below):

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